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How to request a slot

SCR Messages





All Air Carriers operating to and from coordinated airports must always submit a request for the allocation of landing and/or take-off slots to the coordinator and receive approval before operating.

We advise operators to request their slots at least three business days before operation. Messages must be sent through a SCR format (Slot Clearance Request/ Response) in conformity with chapter 6 of the IATA SSIM Manual.

Messages must be sent to :


Dates, days and times will be strictly in UTC.


When a slot cannot be allocated as requested, offers made by the Coordinator will be valid for three business days only. If no reply is received offer will be cancelled. 

This is applicable for the submission as well as for any later modifications and cancellations.

Re-clearance of the slot on the actual day of operation should be requested only when flight is delayed to the following day.

If you need more info about SCR messages? Then, please visit our "SCR Crash Course"!


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